3 x Retouched Images 

400-600 images taken

High Res & Web format

Outdoor Natural Light

Studio Shoot

No time limit

Unlimited looks & changes

Option to shave





£20 per extra image  

£10 per extra colour grade



Free Consultation

Options for a written scene 

Actor's sourced if needed

Aprox 3-4 hour shoot

1 -1.5 minute scenes

Filmed in Pro HD Quality

Fully Colour corrected

Fully sound synced

Fully graded




£300 per scene 

£200 per extra scene

£40 scene written for you.

£70 to edit your own material 



Chat over the script 

Professional actor to read with

Aprox 1-1.5 hour session

In depth review of the takes

Sharp titles & transitions 

Fully colour corrected

Fully sound synced 

Fully graded

Tape sent directly to agent 

and/or casting director


£50 for 1.5 hrs

£10 per extra half hour.



The Actor's Photographer. Speacialising in Actors Headshots, Showreels, Self Tapes & Video production.


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