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Taz Martin 

Based in London & Brighton, UK.


​I began my journey into the creative industry as a professionally trained actor, and still continue to work as an actor in film, television & theatre. 


​After graduating from drama school I wanted to keep learning, so I started working in photography, videography and video production. I have worked with top companies, brands and individuals all over the country. My experience ranges over a variety of different fields within the industry, which best places me to understand the importance of a quality actors headshot.


​I now have 10 years of extensive knowledge & understanding of the industry, which helps me to capture you at your very best, thus providing you with a quality headshot geared towards getting you in the door and booking jobs.


​On the day, we will take the time to discuss what your casting is and how to best achieve a headshot that will showcase you. This includes hair, make-up, clothing, style, feel etc.

Then, everything we have talked about will be put into practice. Think of the session as any film, tv or theatre project, the difference being there is absolutely no pressure to get it right in one take! Like a rehearsal - This is is an opportunity for you to experiment, explore, play and enjoy the process whilst feeling completely at ease and totally yourself.


​When you come for a session with me, you will leave feeling relaxed, self-assured and confident that we have achieved the exact shots you were looking for.

*All available sessions released on the 1st of every month.





2 x retouched images

400 - 600 images taken

Unlimited looks & changes 

Hi res & web format 

Colour & B&W

1.5 - 2 hours


£25 per extra image 

Deposit - £100

*Weather dependable 


Headshots & Portfolio

3 x Retouched Images 

400 - 600 images

Unlimited looks & changes

Hi res & web format 

Colour & B&W

3 hours


£25 per extra image

Deposit - £100

*Studio fee included 


Get in touch for a quote. 

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